Stair Repairs at Grand Street

Stair Repairs at Grand Street

Replacement of existing reinforced concrete roof slab, masonry backup walls, tile veneer, reinforced concrete steps at all 4 Station entrances. Shoring, formwork, plumbing, abatement, marking/signs work Project Details Ref #: A36911Dates: 03/15 – 08/16Client:...
Washington Square Park Sidewalk Repairs

Washington Square Park Sidewalk Repairs

Replacement of Sidewalk & Curbs around perimeter of park. Excavation/demolition, new concrete, asphalt, and pavers. Tree protection, landscaping, electrical. Project Details Ref #: M098-114MDates: 10/15 – 10/16Client: NYC Parks and Recreation...

Paved Area Blacktop

Replacement of Asphalt & Concrete, Painting, Sealant, and Game Equipment Project Details Ref #: IS14KDates: 06/11 – 09/11Client: TDX Construction Corp

NYCT Bus, East Bus Depot

New concrete pit for bus lift, sediment pit, new rotary lift for bus, power wash masonry walls, survey, pavement markings, sealant, corrugated fiberglass panels with aluminum framing for splash wall, metal grating/plumbing, and electrical work Project Details Ref #:...

Riverbank State Park

Shoring existing roof structure canopy, excavation/remove for new concrete reinforced foundation & backfill. Project Details Ref #: D004226Dates: 04/13 – 04/14Client: NYS Park Department of Historic Restoration & Preservation

Flood Elimination

Chemical grout injection waterproofing, concrete masonry, painting, steel doors, railing, abatement, plumbing/electrical upgrade, drain cleaning, and sealant work Project Details Ref #: PS177QDates: 09/09- 03/12Client: URS Corporation

PS-30R-RPZ Valves

Replacement of Concrete slab, new concrete trench in basement, and access door for trench Project Details Ref #: PS-30R-RPZDates: 01/13 – 02/14Client: NYC School Construction Authority (NYCSCA)

Ventilation and Grating at Clinton Avenue

Replacement of existing metal grates with new steel grates. Replacement of concrete sidewalks & curbs. Chemical grout injection waterproofing. Masonry & Concrete restoration Project Details Ref #: A-36948Dates: 09/14 – 04/15Client: Metropolitan Transit...